Ready for a chat with someone on your homeschool support team?  Advisor support, academic planning, transcript or semester reporting matters, and questions about enrollment are services handled by appointment only.  Find the type of appointment you need from the list below and follow the link to the online appointment scheduler.


Enrollment Questions Consultation

Would you like to learn more about how St. Thomas Aquinas Academy can serve your family?  Use the following link to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with an advisor to discuss the program, enrollment options, and your family's homeschooling. 

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Appointments for Member Families

Essential to the program are the academic planning and advisor support appointments that are available year-round for families enrolled in St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.  Advisor support is designed to assist teaching-parents in the schooling of students that are enrolled in the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy program and have participated in the skills assessment and course planning process.  

Use the link below to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor or high school advisor.  Watch for the "Redeem Package" button after you select a day and time so you are not billed for standard enrollment services.  Click "Redeem Package," enter your email or code, and click "Apply" so the calendar system reduces the charge for the standard enrollment service to zero.  If you added something special to the appointment (such as an expedited service) or selected a premium service then you will need to complete the "Pay now" process.    

Please remember that we want to talk to you!  You may use all of the services available on your students' enrollment package and purchase as many additional services as desired. 

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With the exception of the Enrollment Questions Consultation, all of the listed appointments are for teaching-parents and/or students that are presently enrolled in St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.  Be sure to renew your students' enrollment before June 30th in order to avoid an interruption in the planning and support services offered by St. Thomas Aquinas Academy advisors.




More about Advisor Support

Personal one-on-one academic counseling by telephone is the heart of the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy program.  After the initial planning appointment for the academic year, each member family has access to one planning follow-up appointment and then additional support appointments with either their family's academic advisor or their high school advisor.  Additional advisor appointments may be purchased as often as desired throughout the school year for $45.00 for a 45-minute session.  Members enter their enrollment package code or email address on the appointment scheduling page so they are not charged for advisor services included with their enrollment. 

All appointments must be scheduled before the close of the school year (June 30th).  There are no refunds for unused appointments.  Using all of the advisor appointments available to your family as part of your enrollment package is strongly encouraged.

Your advisor is available to answer general questions through the member family forums between appointments; visit your "Teaching-Parent Resource Library" on the Member Support Site.  Complex questions that require your students' files to be on-hand or entail a longer discussion are best addressed during telephone appointments.

Monthly appointments of one sort or another are encouraged, but not required.  We want to hear from you throughout the school year and hope to see you on the calendar often!


Academic Advisor Appointments

How is schooling going at your house?  Do you have questions about pacing, materials, scheduling, and the like?  Your academic advisor is available to discuss your homeschooling and fine-tune your students' academic plans throughout the year.

Several of these appointments are included with enrollment.  Schedule as many additional appointments as desired throughout the school year for $45.00 for a 45-minute session.


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High School Advisor Appointments

You and/or your high school students are welcome to schedule "check-in" appointments with your high school advisor.  Your high school advisor is ready to answer questions about study guides, books and materials, online resources, scheduling, semester reporting, directions for assignments, and more.

Several of these appointments are included with enrollment.  Schedule as many additional appointments as desired throughout the school year for $45.00 for a 45-minute session.

>> Click to schedule >> High School Progress Check



Online Appointment Scheduling Program

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy uses the online appointment system called Acuity to schedule appointments and sync the office and advisor calendars.  Send an email through the general contact form if you are unable to clearly see the appointment scheduling options on your smartphone or tablet.  Be sure to mention in the email the type of appointment you would like to schedule and a staff member will arrange the first available appointment for you.

Payments for appointments and special services are due when the appointment is scheduled.


No-Show Policy Notice for Advisor Appointments

You may use the rescheduling link in your confirmation email to change the appointment day and time for up to four hours before appointments, but there are no refunds for missing appointments.  Special allowances will be made in the case of serious emergencies as long as the office is promptly contacted.  Please leave a voicemail describing the nature of the emergency at 209-863-8400 or send an email to the office. 

In the event that an emergency results in the advisor needing to reschedule the appointment, you will be appropriately credited and new appointment arrangements will be made with you.  

Because of the importance of the annual Course of Study appointments, your advisor will help you reschedule your appointment in cases of emergency or "no-show."  Except in the case of emergencies, there is a Course of Study rescheduling fee of $35.00.  Up until four hours before the Course of Study appointment time you can use the email link in your confirmation emails to reschedule the appointment without charge.